International Recruitment & Talent Management

In a Nutshell

For more than 20 years, Terra Connecta provides recruitment, executive search and HR solutions, to a diverse range of small to large multi-sector clients.

We develop and execute customized solutions to support leadership teams, line managers, HR professionals in their search for talented people for critical roles.

While a large percentage of our activity is dedicated to pure recruitment, we also  accompany change, and propose consulting services to shape future talent management value chains.

We cultivate strong relationships with candidates across different functional disciplines, business sectors and cultural regions, from early-careers, middle & senior managers, to executive level professionals.

The common thread running through our solutions is “international”.


The recruitment market is rapidly changing with social networks revolutionizing how companies leverage their “Employer Brand” and develop their “Reputation.

As companies find new ways to engage with future employees, many still struggle to recruit for critical roles on a global basis.

We propose the following recruitment solutions to fill this gap and support global talent management challenges:

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Executive Search

Leadership Diversity

Every year, companies from all business sectors experience movement in their leadership and senior management teams.  The Executive Search solution focuses on the recruitment of Director & Executive level professionals, from different sectors, functional disciplines and cultural frontiers.

Over the years, we successfully completed many international search projects, for small to large multi-sector groups. We identified classical and atypical profiles, professionals with significant international experience, strong leadership ability, well-developed emotional intelligence,  cultural sensitivity and lots of potential.

Search & Selection

Build talent pipeline

Search & Selection supports the recruitment of early-careers, junior and middle management professionals, for hard-to-fill positions. We accompany talent acquisition teams on international and domestic markets, attract and select active & passive candidates for a multitude of different functional roles.

Search & Selection is an excellent solution to leverage immediate recruitment needs, raise employer brand awareness, and build future talent pipeline with passive candidates.

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Strategic Sourcing

Raise brand awareness

Many companies experience repetitive difficulty to fill certain positions in specific functional areas.

To support talent acquisition managers, we propose a proactive sourcing solution, to diversify existing attraction channels and target specific candidate audiences, not normally on the radar.

Strategic Sourcing is a customized attraction solution to raise employer brand awareness, win hearts & minds, and prepare for future recruitment needs.

As international recruitment specialists, we leverage sourcing expertise to help companies connect with a broader diversity of candidates.

Our approach in 4 steps


Before, we:

  • Invest time with clients, to understand the organization, business strategy, culture, management style, recruitment challenges, level of role, reporting lines, team, etc…
  • Agree on the profile, remuneration package, timeframe, hiring managers involved, validate the mandate and agree on launch material.


Launch, we:

  • Identify and confidentially approach potential candidates on the market
  • Validate candidates interested to pursue process & plan structured interview sessions
  • Carry out additional assessments with selected candidates
  • Present a validated short-list of candidates to client with reports.


During, we:

  • Accompany candidates and clients from A-Z.
  • Provide progress reports to clients and share market knowledge
  • Manage interviews between candidates & hiring managers, & plan debrief sessions
  • Provide constructive feedback for all candidates and facilitate interview preparation..,
  • Carry out reference checks, facilitate remuneration & offer negotiation


After, we:

  • Follow the on-boarding experience with both parties
  • Contact both parties before the trial period ends to assess satisfaction/ deception.
  • Act as a trusted partner to ensure a positive experience for all.