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Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy


Value Proposition


We propose customized solutions, to accompany change and cultivate more diversity across talent acquisition, recruitment and internal mobility.

And, this means transform traditional processes and mindsets, and push new frontiers across jobs, skills, behaviors, organization and management styles.

As specialists in talent acquisition and international search, we use our capabilities to challenge existing talent processes with fresh eyes.

Especially relevant, we adapt consulting projects to each company culture, talent management challenge, sector specificity and geographic region.

While some consulting projects concern immediate short-term or ad-hoc needs, others address more complex and long-term challenges.


Talent Management Challenges

The global pandemic has impacted all businesses, transforming work environments overnight, from office-based jobs to home-based.

As a result, digital technology played a key role in facilitating real-time communication with employees, demonstrating the importance of connectivity.

While digital technology disrupts the work place, it also presents many new challenges around people management and emerging talent.

Likewise, technology impacts how companies, employees and candidates interact and build relationships with each other.

In addition, many companies target the same talent globally, increasing the need to differentiate and innovate around human capital strategy.

Moreover, current and future employees seek more purpose at work, and also look for flexibility, continuous learning, career advancement, fun

In short, companies need to transform talent management processes and evolve at all levels to remain attractive.


Customized Solutions

While hiring freezes and downsizing programs are on the horizon, businesses still need to attract talented professionals internationally.

Above all, external recruitment is highly dependent on what happens inside the company.

Consequently, to accompany change and cultivate more diversity across Talent Management, we propose consulting in the following areas.

First of all, Reshape Talent Management articulates the need to reinvent the value chain for Talent Acquisition, Selection & Recruitment.

And, this means moving away from traditional processes to cultivate more diversity across attraction strategies, selection tools and integration.  

Secondly, Transform Talent Management articulates the need to build new processes and tools to identify hidden talent inside the company.

And, this means building new bridges across culture, organization, HR processes & management styles to help people grow & succeed.

Most of all, companies need to help managers acquire new skills, to detect potential for emerging talent in the future.