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Build Talent Pipeline

Talent Pipeline across borders


Value Proposition


Build Talent Pipeline” is a strategic sourcing solution to develop employer brand awareness & attract candidates, not normally on the radar.

In other words, this solution provides targeted approaches to attract specific talent audiences for experienced functions, as well as Graduate Programs.

With the power of digital technology and social networks, candidates and companies interact differently and immediately, wherever they are based.

Consequently, companies and candidates connect and interact on a global basis, with fewer obstacles to geographic presence.

More than ever, companies have a perfect platform to cultivate relationships with a broader diversity of passive & active candidates.

Above all, this solution promotes the employer brand and opens the doors to engage with new communities of targeted talent.


Why Build Talent Pipeline ?

First of all, many companies experience significant talent pipeline shortages in some, or all of their businesses.

According to the World Economic Forum these skill gaps will continue to increase, presenting new challenges for companies.

So, businesses need to move away from traditional talent management models to develop more strategic proactive approaches for internal & external recruitment.

And, this means prepare the “terrain”, anticipate future business growth, identify specific audiences and create positive experiences for candidates & employees.

Most importantly, new approaches to build talent pipeline focus more on nurturing relationships with specific professional audiences for future opportunities.


Employer Brand Challenges

The development of the employer brand is an integral part of every company’s talent and business strategy.

And, thanks to digital technology & social networks, ”Employer Reputation” is more visible than ever before, for better or worse.

Likewise, technology influences how current & future employees perceive companies, thus impacting overall attractiveness as an employer.

Hence, companies use data to effectively manage their employer brand, measure attractiveness, and assess employee engagement to improve employer reputation.

Especially relevant, proactive companies invest in their employer brand and benchmark against other companies via research platforms : Universum, Great Place to Work®Glassdoor, Top Employers

So, when companies open their doors to attract broader communities of talent, they want to be sure to win hearts & minds.

Engaged and “happy” employees play an active role in attracting new talent to the company.  Most of all, they are natural magnets, while, unhappy employees will do the opposite….


Process – Build Talent Pipeline

  • Identify talent pipeline shortages for specific functions, regions, etc…
  • Clarify functions, businesses, career advancement, organizational challenges…
  • Define job descriptions, profiles, target populations, remuneration packages…
  • Propose & agree on the “attraction” & “sourcing” strategy”
  • Plan process (managers implicated, candidate management, timeframe…)
  • Launch communication to raise employer brand awareness
  • Manage applications, Selection, Brief telephone validation interviews.
  • Present short-lists to client


Target Candidate Population

  • Graduates, Early-career professionals, specialists, middle management.
  • 0 – 10 years’ professional experience (+/-)
  • High academic achievers, university educated (Engineers, Business, Specialized Masters, MBA, PhD…)
  • Significant experience outside of one’s country of origin
  • Strong linguistic capabilities & fluency in English
  • Open to mobility & a strong ability to adapt.
  • Resilient, open-minded, curious, “out-of-the-box” thinkers, with excellent communication skills….


Fee Structure

We propose a fixed fee retainer tailored to each specific project and agreed with clients beforehand, to avoid any financial surprises. For this type of project, we do not invoice clients for the number of people hired.