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Build Talent Pipeline

Build Talent Pipeline across borders



Talent Pipeline Challenges


Many companies experience significant skills shortages in some, or all of their businesses, and according to the World Economic Forum, this will continue.

And, as businesses grow and penetrate new markets, they need to develop strategic initiatives to attract, engage and source talented professionals.

Similarly, some companies have strong employer brands and they leverage their employer reputation to source new professional audiences without too much effort.

While, many others struggle !

We propose to help companies build talent pipeline, raise employer brand awareness & attract specific candidate audiences, not normally on the radar.

In other words, identify the gaps, define the target audiences and build specific messages to promote career opportunities and create a buzz.

As the employer brand development is an integral part of every company’s human capital and business strategy, it needs to win hearts & minds.

Build Talent Pipeline is an excellent solution for junior positions, graduate programs and early career professionals.


Our Approach

  • Identify talent pipeline shortages for specific functions, regions, etc…
  • Clarify functions, businesses, career advancement, organizational challenges…
  • Define job descriptions, profiles, target populations, remuneration …
  • Propose & agree on the “attraction” & “sourcing” strategy”
  • Plan process (managers implicated, candidate management, timeframe…)
  • Launch communication to raise employer brand awareness
  • Manage applications, selection, brief validation interviews.
  • Present short-lists to client
  • Candidate management A-Z and regular follow-up with client


Target Candidate Community

  • Entry-level (Graduate Programs), Early-careers professionals
  • 0 – 5 years’ professional experience, multi-sector, multi-function
  • High academic achievers, university educated (Engineers, Business, Specialized Masters, MBA, PhD…)
  • Significant international experience outside of one’s country of origin
  • Strong linguistic capabilities & fluency in English
  • Open to mobility & a strong ability to adapt
  • Resilient, open-minded, curious, “out-of-the-box” thinkers, with excellent communication skills.


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