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Created in 2004, Terra Connecta is a small, dynamic head-hunting consultancy, specialized in international recruitment solutions. We propose a broad spectrum of services to help companies attract talented professionals internationally and develop future talent pipeline.

Especially relevant, we accompany our clients across the entire talent management process, from talent acquisition, evaluation, recruitment to on-boarding. And, we adapt our solutions to each corporate culture, talent management challenge, regardless of company size or industry.

In addition, we propose evaluation services and tailor-made consulting for customers, who prefer to manage their own recruitment.

Our clients come from a wide variety of sectors, across diverse cultural frontiers. While many are large and medium-sized corporations, we also work a lot with SMEs and start-ups.

In addition, we cultivate and nurture strong relationships with talented professionals, across many different sectorsfunctional disciplines and cultural frontiers

And, companies can benefit from this network to promote their employer brand to a much broader community of talent. In other words, they can engage with candidates who are not normally on their radar.

Talent acquisitionrecruitmentretention and talent management are top priorities for every business in today’s “world @ work”.  And, in a complex global economy, companies of all sizes seek opportunities to grow their businesses across new cultural horizons. So, to develop sustainable growth and gain market share, companies need the right talent on-board.




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