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About us

talent acquisition, recruitment solutions



Terra Connecta is a small, dynamic HR consultancy, specialized in international recruitment for a multitude of sectors, functions & regions.

We provide fully integrated services in retained search, recruitment and international sourcing, connecting talented international professionals with future employers.

As well as executive search and international recruitment solutions, we also provide consulting to accompany change and transform talent management, strategies.

Especially relevant, we adapt our services to each company culture, talent management challenge, sector specificity and geographic region.

As specialists in recruitment, we cultivate relationships with a broad diversity of active & passive candidates, on domestic and international markets.

And, companies benefit from this network to promote their employer brand and engage with a much broader community of international talent.

Above all, we help companies connect with, attract and select talented international candidates not normally on their radar.

Why Terra Connecta

First of all, the common thread running through our services, our values and our approach is international and multicultural.  And, as strong supporters of international careers, we chose a company name, synonymous with mobilitycultural sensitive and adaptability.

Secondly, we encourage the adventure to  step outside the comfort zone, navigate into the unknown and confront new horizons.

While “Terra” encapsulates globalization, mobility, new horizons, cultural exposure and open-mindedness, it also encourages respect for local beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors. 

And, “Connecta” embraces the desire to discover new cultures, connect with people everywhere and nurture relationships across diverse cultural regions.

Especially relevant, it inspires people to see the world through new lenses, adapt to new thinking styles and acquire new capabilities.

“Push the HR frontiers” encourages companies to innovate around recruitment and cultivate new ways to engage with diverse professionals.


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