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About us

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Value Proposition


Terra Connecta is a dynamic HR consultancy, specializing in international recruitment, executive search and talent management solutions.

For more than 20 years, we develop and execute international recruitment strategies for a diverse range of small to large multi-sector businesses.

Above all, we help companies to identify, select and recruit talented international candidates, not normally on the radar.

The common thread running through our solutions is “international”.  

We bring a multicultural mindset to all projects, as well as good business acumen, global perspective and local knowledge.

And, we adapt quickly to different corporate environments, and manage each recruitment challenge with fresh eyes and a customized approach.

As recruitment specialists, we cultivate relationships with a broad diversity of active & passive candidates, wherever they are based.

And, many have significant international experience, having worked outside their country of origin, while others are more domestic audiences.

Most importantly, companies benefit from this network to promote their employer brand and engage with a broader diversity of talented candidates.


Why Terra Connecta?

We believe that businesses and individuals benefit greatly from international exposure, multicultural environments, cross-border teams and diversity of backgrounds.

And, companies can capitalize on these benefits to develop international footprints and grow their businesses.

As recruitment specialists, we understand how qualities like cultural sensitivity, open-mindedness, adaptability and linguistic skills, can facilitate success in complex environments.

Our name Terra Connecta symbolizes our vision…

 “Terra” captures the sense of globalization, diversity, mobility, cultural exposure and openness, respecting local beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors.

While “Connecta” embraces the desire to step outside the comfort zone, navigate the ship into the unknown, and observe the world through new cultural lenses.

Finally, our strapline, “Push the HR frontiers” encourages companies to cultivate more relevant and authentic talent management strategies, to remain attractive as employers.


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