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International Candidates

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Relationship with Candidates


As recruiters, we are in constant contact with a diverse range of candidates from different sectors and cultural frontiers.

While we cultivate professional relationships with candidates who have significant experience outside their native country, we also connect with domestic audiences.

Above all, we provide job opportunities, career advice and market insights to active and passive candidates, wherever they are based.

More importantly, we help candidates prepare for interviews, share tips, solid advice and market trends on remuneration packages for specific sectors.

Also, we accompany candidates during the recruitment process and provide constructive feed-back at each step to improve future performance.

Outside recruitment, we coach candidates on CV presentation, personal branding & different approaches to targeted networking.

Finally, we continue to nurture relationships with candidates we met as graduates, who are now C-level executives around the world.


Digital Candidates

As digital technology disrupts the global marketplace, it fundamentally changes how candidates interact with companies when applying for jobs

Similarly, candidates are better informed, when choosing a future employer, thanks to professional networks like linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, among others.

In addition, candidates use these networks before even applying to the company, to understand career perspectives, management style, Corporate Social Responsibility, etc...

Furthermore, technology impacts how candidates & employees perceive companies, and “Employer Reputation” is more visible than ever before.

Finally, employees and candidates seek more purpose & recognition in their jobs, adding new challenges for employer brand and employee engagement.


Community of Multicultural Candidates

In general, candidates with international profiles have good linguistic capabilities, are culturally sensitive and open to mobility.

And interestingly enough, many come from bi-cultural families, and are naturally exposed to different value systems, thinking styles and cultures.

However, there are also people who seek to live and work abroad, without any family influences, social networks, or infrastructures.

Certainly, it is difficult to step outside the comfort zone with no contacts, and it takes a lot of courage. Nonetheless, there are many rewards and benefits.

First of all, living abroad allows people to see the world through new lenses. It opens up minds to value systems, thinking styles, languages and facilitates sensitivity to cultural differences.

Secondly, international experience facilitates the development of behaviors like determination, personal investment, commitment, adaptability, creativity and self-belief.

Most of all, when faced with challenges, they understand the meaning of resilience, courage, self-awareness, empathy, and openness to failure.


Target Community of Candidates :

  • University educated (Engineers, Business, International Relations, Arts, Scientists, Doctors, Vets, Architects, Lawyers… Specialized Masters, MBA, PhD…)
  • Early-career professionals, technical experts, middle, senior managers, executives from a wide range of sectors, functional disciplines and geographic regions.
  • Significant international experience outside of country of origin
  • Strong linguistic capabilities & fluency in English,
  • Openness to mobility and a strong ability to adapt
  • Open-minded, curious, resilient, “out-of-the-box” thinkers, with excellent communication skills and ability to manage complexity

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