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International Candidates

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Relationship with Candidates


As recruiters, we are in constant contact with a broad diversity of active & passive candidates, on international and domestic markets.

And, while we privilege relationships with professionals who have significant international experience, we also cultivate relationships with domestic audiences.

We actively open doors to new career opportunities, and as a result, build new bridges between candidates and future employers.

During the recruitment processes, we accompany candidates from A-Z, remaining attentive to their needs and very available to communicate.

Consequently, we share relevant information, offer advice for interview preparation and provide constructive feed-back afterwards, whether positive or negative.

Outside recruitment projects, we also accompany career transition, provide career advice, share market insights and other valuable tips for career development.

For example, we propose coaching and insight on CV presentation, personal branding, networking, remuneration packages, international mobility, etc….

Finally, we value an ethical approach when building relationships with candidates, and treat interactions with the utmost confidentiality, integrity and respect.


Impact of Digital Technology

As digital technology disrupts the global marketplace, it fundamentally changes how candidates interact with companies, and vice versa. 

Firstly, companies, employer brands and job opportunities are more visible and accessible thanks to digital platforms like linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, ….

And as Employer Reputation” is now much more visible, digital presence can influence how candidates and employees perceive employers.

Secondly, candidates are better informed, when choosing a future employer, with abundant access to podcasts, webinars, social media, etc..;

Also, candidates can easily connect with current employees to research the company career perspectives, work ethics, etc.., before even applying.

In addition, professional profiles are more visible on digital platforms, consequently, recruiters can identify and approach many more “potential” candidates.

However, if candidates do not take care of their personal brand, and fail to regularly up-date their profiles, the search engines may not find them

Finally, in today’s transparent digital world, remember that hiring managers can also do some research and form an opinion, before meeting a candidate.


Target Community of Candidates :

  • University educated (Engineers, Business, International Relations, Arts, Scientists, Medical Doctors, Vets, Navy Marine, Architects, Lawyers… Specialized Masters, MBA, PhD…)
  • Early-career professionals, technical experts, middle & senior managers, direct-level executives from different sectors, functional disciplines and geographic regions.
  • Significant international experience outside of country of origin
  • Strong linguistic capabilities & fluency in English,
  • Openness to mobility and a strong ability to adapt
  • Open-minded, curious, resilient, “out-of-the-box” thinkers, excellent communication skills, ability to manage complexity & work collectively.

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