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Access Talent Internationally


Future Talent Gaps

Over the past few years, many companies, in some of the largest labor markets, are struggling with “stop and go” hiring freezes, down-sizing programs and organizational restructuring. While articles about the war for talent and talent shortages are rampant, recruiting  the “ideal” professional with the necessary skillset is a real challenge. And, this is naturally hard to believe, given the amount of people actively seeking employment. Nonetheless, it is a fact and this raises many unanswered questions for corporate hiring managers, when evaluating their future skill gaps. Graduates and early-career professionals appear to be less prepared for the world at work, most likely due to a broadening gap between the tomorrow’s world @ work and tertiary education.

The Workforce Crisis of 2030

I invite you to listen to Rainer Strack from BCG (Ted Talk 2014), who shares his vision and hard facts on the workforce crisis of 2030. People are a central asset to every company’s success, however, given the apparent mismatch between the global job market supply and demand, what can companies and countries do to try to solve this issue ? He suggests that countries ought to look across borders for mobile and willing job seekers. But to do that, they need to start by changing the culture in their businesses.

Proactive Initiative in Denmark

In 2010, 19 of the largest Danish and international companies based in Denmark created a joint initiative known as “The Consortium for Global Talent”.  Most of all, the primary objective was to help companies attract and retain skilled global professionals. Furthermore, the government in Copenhagen negotiated a political agreement to stimulate the reform of international recruitment & facilitate the integration of non-Danish nationals. This reform provides Danish companies with easier access to attract, recruit, integrate and retain highly skilled workers from all over the world. Consequently, Danish companies feel accompanied in all actions to strengthen the foundation for growth and prosperity in Denmark.

The Consortium of Global Talent and the Confederation of Danish Industry joined forces in a new venture called DI Consortium for Global Talent. The objective of this venture is to leverage knowledge around international recruitment and facilitate any obstacles for international talent coming to Denmark  According to the DI Consortium for Global Talent, there is an increasing number of international employees coming to Denmark to work. Especially relevant, this is seen as very positive for the Danish society !  Hence, they recognize that global talents bring value, knowledge and growth to Danish companies. 

Rainer Stack BCG

Rainer Stack BCG