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Executive Search, Diversity


Value Proposition


We provide a fully integrated, Executive Search service, across diverse sectors, functional disciplines & geographic regions.

As specialists in international recruitment, we use our search capabilities to identify, assess and connect talented international professionals with future employers.

Especially relevant, we adapt our services to every company culture and manage each search challenge with confidentiality, integrity, cultural sensitivity and strategic thinking

Executive Search is an integral part of every company strategy, and selecting the right candidates is critical to success.

Consequently, we cultivate relationships with a broad diversity of active & passive candidates on domestic and international markets.

And, we manage complex search projects on an international scale, and interact with candidates from many cultural regions.


Executive Search Approach

Before each project, we spend significant time with clients, to understand the organization, business strategy, culture and management style.

Above all, this breaks down barriers and facilitates access to valuable information about the function, team, business activity, matrix organization, etc…

Some of this information is highly confidential, so, trust and integrity are important values, when dealing with clients.

Once we understand the recruitment challenges, job responsibilities, the ideal profile, remuneration packages and timeframes, we launch the search.

When approaching candidates, we guarantee rich confidential exchanges, a rigorous selection & evaluation process, with structured interviews & valid assessments.

Most importantly, we assess leadership potential, self-awareness, resilience, people management & cultural sensitivity, as well as other criteria.

And, we provide short-listed candidates to the customers, well-prepared to participate in the selection interviews with different managers.

Finally, we accompany clients and candidates throughout the process, and ensure positive experience for all involved.


Executive Search Target population :

  • Middle, Senior & Director level Managers (excl C-Level)
  • 10 – 20 years’ professional experience 
  • Business management, P&L, people management experience
  • University educated & high academic achievers (Engineers, Business, Specialized Masters, MBA, PhD…)
  • Significant experience outside of country of origin
  • Strong linguistic capabilities & fluency in English
  • Open to mobility & strong ability to adapt to change
  • Resilient, open-minded, curious, “out-of-the-box” thinkers, with excellent communication skills and a good team player..


Retained Search Fee Policy

We propose a fixed fee retainer, agreed transparently with our clients prior to each search project. As a result, this approach avoids any unnecessary financial surprises for our clients.