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Value Proposition

With over 20 years’ experience in international recruitment, executive search and talent acquisition, we also propose consulting solutions to accompany change.

Above all, we help companies to push HR frontiers and confront talent management challenges with fresh eyes.

As generalists, with clients from many different sectors, functional disciplines and multicultural environments, we share rich insight and real benchmarks. 

Especially relevant, we adapt consulting projects to each company culture, business challenge, sector specificity and geographic region. 

Whether customers are large international groups, mid-sized or small entrepreneurial businesses, we tailor our approach to each individual situation.

Finally, we manage short-term, ad-hoc, complex and long-term projects with equal importance, energy, drive and cultural sensitivity.


Talent Management Challenges

The global pandemic impacts and challenges businesses across all sectors, transforming people management strategies, work environments, travel and expatriation.

And, while remote and hybrid working policies are in place, businesses face new challenges around work-life balance and emerging talent.

Firstly, digital technology facilitates remote working and provides businesses with new ways to operate, share information and engage with employees.

Secondly, companies need to find the right balance between technology, human interactions and the global people strategy.

Thirdly, many companies target the same talent globally, increasing the need to differentiate and innovate around human capital strategy.

In short, businesses need to see the new world at work with fresh eyes and modernize talent management approaches, to remain attractive.

As Jack Welch once said, “Strategy, Execution and People all go together. If you don’t get the People right, the strategy doesn’t matter …”


Customized Solutions

So, to accompany change, take a step back and cultivate new Talent Management processes, we propose consulting in the following areas.

First of all, Reshape Talent Management articulates the need to reinvent the value chain for Talent Acquisition, Selection & Recruitment.

And, this means move away from traditional processes and mindsets to cultivate more diversity across attraction strategies, selection and integration.

Secondly, Transform Talent Management articulates the need to develop new tools to identify hidden talent inside the company.

And, this means, build new bridges inside the company across culture, organization, HR processes & training, to grow your people & facilitate success.

Finally, companies need to help managers acquire new skills, to unleash the potential of emerging talents, in this new world of work.


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