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While recruitment, talent management and retention are top priorities for every business, the turbulence of COVID-19 has raised unimaginable challenges.

Most companies have launched measures to respond to COVID-19, however, the next big challenge will be driving long-term strategic change.

And, as the global economy deals with complexity, businesses still seek to develop sustainable growth however, with new constraints.

Many companies have hiring freezes and downsizing programs on the horizon, however, businesses still need to attract talented professionals internationally.



We provide fully integrated services in retained search, talent acquisition and customized consulting, across different sectors, functions & regions.

As specialists in international recruitment, we use our search capabilities to identify, assess and connect talented international professionals with future employers.

Especially relevant, we adapt our services to each company culture, talent management challenge, sector specificity and geographic region.

In addition, we cultivate strong relationships with a broad diversity of active & passive candidates on local and international markets.

And, companies benefit from this network to promote their employer brand and engage with a broad community of international talent.

So, when companies seek to develop sustainable growth internationally, we help them connect with candidates not normally on the radar.

While all businesses are challenged in 2020, we continue to provide the following solutions on domestic and international markets :



Recruitment Challenges

In the light of COVID-19, companies need to reinvent the whole world @ work format. Home-based jobs versus office jobs is no longer a myth, nor impossible, but a reality.

And, given the many issues with mobility and travel, expats may not want to return to their international posts. If anything, this may open new opportunities to others.

Nonetheless, companies need to implement long-term strategic change and there will be pressure to make some quick decisions.

Above all, the moment is opportune to innovate around talent management, and cultivate new ways to engage with diverse professionals.


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