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Assess Future Potential




Terra Connecta helps multi-sector clients for more than 20 years, to identify and select talented international people, across different cultural regions.

To complement external recruitment, we propose stand-alone assessment services to support managers with decisions for internal mobility, career development and recruitment (managed by the company).

As an external partner, we provide objective, culturally sensitive & unbiased assessments to facilitate internal management decisions.


Recruitment Assessment

Many companies manage their own recruitment from A-Z, sourcing candidates through their own channels and selecting their own future employees.  

However, for certain positions, external assessment is a valuable service, providing managers with a “second opinion”, objectivity and rich information to facilitate the recruitment decision.

We provide expertise in international recruitment and multicultural assessment, and carry out structured interviews to assess and validate candidates, pre-selected by the company.

Following the interviews, we provide managers with detailed reports and recommendations, and ensure constructive feed-back for all candidates. 


Internal Mobility Assessment

Internal mobility is a key element of talent management, acting as an important driver to cultivate employee engagement, retain talented employees and demonstrate externally that interesting careers exist.

With flexible working models and new employment landscapes, Talent Managers have significant challenges with internal mobility selection.

As experts in international recruitment, we support Managers with selection decisions for positions on both domestic or international markets.

We carry out structured interviews, assess cultural sensitivity, ability to work transversally, potential to manage multicultural teams, among other specific criteria, pre-defined by the Talent Managers.

We provide detailed reports & recommendations for each assessment.


Career Development Assessment

Career Development and personal growth are vital ingredients for employee engagement and retention.

Many HR Professionals and business leaders collaborate with external consultants to provide “career advice” for specific employee audiences.

To facilitate future career choices and potential career paths, we meet with specific employees, facilitate individual question and answer sessions, to help identify career options, areas for improvement, specific training needs, coaching, etc 

Given our expertise in international recruitment, this is a suitable service for middle & senior managers, seeking more responsibility to manage people and multicultural teams, interested in expatriation, leadership positions….

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