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Assess Future Potential


Assess Future Potential



Value Proposition


We propose Assessment & Evaluation solutions to accompany talent managers with selection for external recruitment, internal mobility and career advancement.

First of all, to facilitate talent acquisition and recruitment teams, we propose to manage the selection process and validate candidates, pre-selected by the company.

In other words, we provide individual assessments, including structured interviews, psychometric testing, as well as group assessment centers (if necessary).

Secondly, to facilitate talent managers with decisions for internal mobility, career advancement, expatriation, etc…, we propose a similar external assessment.

Above all, this solution provides unbiased objective assessment, and frees up the managers’ time, adding value to the overall talent decision.

Finally, as experts in international recruitment, we constantly work with candidates & hiring managers across many cultural frontiers

As a result, we approach all assessments with cultural sensitivity, openness and confidentiality.


Approach – Assess Future Potential

First of all, we agree with the client on the overall objectives, challenges, assessment criteria, timeframe and communication strategy.

We then invite pre-selected candidates to structured competency interviews in English & French, either face to face or remotely via zoom/teams….

Consequently, we assess motivation, experience, ambition on one side, as well as behaviors, personality traits, cultural sensitivity, leadership potential etc…

After that, we answer candidates’ questions, share relevant information, clarify the candidate’s remuneration expectations and present next steps.

Depending on the reason for external assessment, we invite candidates to carry out psychometric tests to complement the interview result.

And, in some cases, we invite candidates to half-day assessment centers, tailored to specific needs, which we design & manage.

Finally, we provide detailed reports with recommendations for each candidate, to discuss confidentially with the client (talent manager / hiring manager).

Similarly, we provide each candidate with constructive feed-back, to use as part of their own career advancement project.


Fee Structure

We propose a fixed fee for this solution, per candidateper assessment, agreed transparently with the client before each project.  No fee is charged per hire.



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