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Access Talent Internationally


Future Talent Gaps Over the past few years, many companies, in some of the largest labor markets, are struggling with “stop and go” hiring freezes, down-sizing programs and organizational restructuring. While articles about the war for talent and talent shortages are rampant, recruiting  the “ideal” professional with the necessary skillset is a real challenge. And, this is […]

HR Should reinvent leadership development


Herminia Ibarra, professor of organizational behavior and the Cora chaired professor of leadership at INSEAD, highlights three major shifts in future leadership development programs.  According to her, HR professionals rely too much on formal training, instead of stepping outside the comfort zone. In addition, they should focus on more strategic learning methods and seek “external” experiences […]

McKinsey – Building capabilities for performance


Following an initial executive survey on organizational capabilities in 2010, McKinsey ran a new survey in 2014, highlighting