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Candidates Send CV




Proposal to Candidates


As recruiters, we are in constant contact with a broad diversity of active & passive candidates, on international and domestic markets.

Above all, we actively build bridges between candidates and future employers, and open doors to new career opportunities.


Our Approach

First of all, we approach candidates through different channels, starting with our own database, when managing recruitment projects for clients.

And some projects are highly confidential, while others are more transparent, with job offers published on our website, and other communication channels.

Secondly, we always request up-dated CVs as part of the application process for, confidential and transparent recruitment projects.

In other words, we privilege up-dated CVs for all recruitment mandates, even if we can access professional profiles on Linkedin, or other platforms. 

Most importantly, we accompany candidates throughout the entire recruitment cycle, attentive to their needs and available to assist wherever necessary.


CV – Valuable Tool for Candidates

Many recruiters question the utility of the CV, however, we defend it for many reasons.

First of all, the CV presents a recent and up-to-date photo of a candidate’s professional experience, background & achievements.

Additionally, well-written CVs, with clear and concise information, will attract the hiring manager’s attention to provoke an interview. 

However, very long and detail-heavy CVs will do the opposite.

Furthermore, the CV is invaluable for interview preparation and helps candidates to structure pertinent examples to share with the hiring manager.

Good interview preparation facilitates a better outcome and consequently, helps candidates to channel the right thoughts, case studies and arguments.

Similarly, the CV plays a key role in helping candidates to manage and overcome the stress element generated at interviews. 

In conclusion, we treat CVs with the utmost confidentially and never share them with  companies without the candidate’s full approval.


Application Form

The application form below is very easy and takes a maximum of 3 minutes to complete.  In short, if you are interested, please fill the requested fields and attach your up-dated CV in PDF format.  Word format is also acceptable.

Format allowed : pdf, doc, docx, rtf

Also available in : Français