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Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment Evaluation


Value Proposition


We propose external Assessment & Evaluation solutions to accompany Recruitment, Internal Mobility and Expatriation projects.

Many companies manage their own external recruitment, and as a result, source candidates through their website, referral programs and other channels.

While, other companies with limited resources and small talent acquisition teams, tend to externalize part or entire recruitment projects.

For these companies, we propose a fully integrated recruitment solution or an external assessment and evaluation service.

In other words, we adapt our solutions to the company needs.

The External Assessment solution facilitates companies who externalize part of the recruitment process, or require a second opinion for certain candidates.

Likewise, this solution is also suitable for detecting future potential internal mobility, career advancement & expatriation assignments.

Most importantly, we aim to free up the recruiter’s time, and provide unbiased, objective evaluation from an external third party.

Finally, given our constant interaction with candidates & hiring managers, on an international level, video interviews are second-nature.


Assessment & Evaluation Approach

After extensive consultation with the client, we invite identified candidates to participate in structured competency interviews in English & French.

To clarify and depending on where candidates are based, we propose office-based interviews, or video interviews.

Especially relevant, we assess experience, behaviors, personality traits, cultural sensitivity, mobility, project management skills, and the ability to work with multi-disciplinary teams.

Similarly, we clarify motivation, culture fit, team spirit, resilience, adaptability, leadership potential, linguistic ability, technical knowledge, etc.

To conclude, we answer candidates’ questions, share relevant information about the position, company, team, career perspectives, and clarify next steps.

Following this, we carry out psychometric assessments with successful candidates to add more value to the interview.

And, in certain cases, we design & manage half-day assessment centers, tailored to specific needs.

Above all, we provide a detailed report with recommendations for each candidate, to discuss openly with the recruiter and hiring manager.


Assessment & Evaluation Process

  • Consultation with hiring manager to identify the objectives
  • Understand company culture, the organization, team, functional challenge  (recruitment, internal mobility, expatriation…)
  • Adapt the solution to the client’s specific needs
  • Verify job description, skills, behaviors, capabilities, salary range, etc.
  • Invite identified candidates for structured interviews
  • Carry out psychometric testing with successful candidates
  • Prepare and manage the assessment centers (if necessary)
  • Manage candidates throughout the process
  • Provide constructive feed-back for candidates at each stage
  • Prepare reports for client with recommendations
  • Carry out “Reference Checks” if required for recruitment purposes.
  • Etc


Fee Structure

We propose a fixed fee for this solution, per candidateper assessment, agreed transparently with the client before the project is launched.  No fee is charged per hire.