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Employee Experience is a high priority


Employee experience


According to a recent Gartner survey of 214 HR leaders in April, 64% are prioritizing employee experience more highly now than before the coronavirus outbreak.

To effectively choreograph the return to the workplace, HR leaders need to create new “employee journey maps” to identify and manage the moments that matter most to employees upon reentry into the workplace, such as their first day back and their first team meeting.

“The return to the workplace is not just an operational challenge, it’s a human challenge,” said Elisabeth Joyce, vice president of advisory in the Gartner HR practice. “While several people, including the CEO, General Counsel and CFO, will be involved in the decision of when, who, and how to return to workplace, the CHRO must be the voice of the workforce.”

One-third of the 449 HR leaders Gartner surveyed on May 5 reported that they don’t yet know when they will be able to reopen closed facilities and start bringing employees back. Among the 142 HR leaders Gartner surveyed on April 21, 44% are planning a period of voluntary return to the workplace where employees can continue working from home if desired.

“As companies contemplate and implement their return to the workplace strategy, the feelings and reactions of their employees will likely playout publicly,” added Ms. Joyce. “The decisions that organizations make across the next several months will define their employment brand for the next several years.

Gartner recommends CHROs and senior HR leaders consider the following factors when making key operational decisions on reopening their workplace:

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